Competitive spirit

It might not have been the best decision to enter a competition abroad so early, but the enthusiasm was big enough throughout the team to go to Prague.

We went together with Zsirai László, the fanatic of Zuzmó Gerilla BBQ and Nagy Bence the well-known BBQ star form Debrecz’N.

The weeks prior to the competition we prepared, but to be fair as we know now weren’t fully prepared for the competition. We watched documentaries about US competitions with some beer. We get everything needed for the big day and headed to Prague.

The atmosphere was amazing. We could observe that in some European countries this method is way more advanced than ours. We have seen a lot of special smokers and met wonderful people.

The competition requires practiced and organized veterans of the field, which turned out to be a massive job for our group. We had just practicing together for a few weeks.

We had high hopes for achieving a great place, but our strategy turned out to be ineffective, as the other teams quickly passed us. Yes, it was hardcore. Tough rules, endurance and practiced teams are needed besides the quality ingredients.

We came home rather disappointed but full of desire to learn.