Smokers – Our passion is smoke!

Classic, coal fired offset smokers are the devices of authentic BBQ cooking.  Operated with hardwood. As a result of their thickness they can be perfectly used in the BBQ temperature range.


The Bodrog Smoker offset was our first oven, which we made back in 2014. The oven worked perfectly even back then, though we have made some smaller changes, and reached version 3.0. One of our most successful developments is that we reduced the temperature difference between the upper and lower tray to minimal.

A great advantage of our oven is that its large firebox that can also be used as French plate. As an extra option, we created a grill element to be inserted onto the firebox. It is easy to move thanks to its weight distribution.

We primarily offer this to restaurants who want to wider their menu with BBQ options and to those who would like to cook in their garden for their guests.



The Bodrog Smoker Junior is the “featherweight” little brother. It not only looks good in any backyard but also features everything from the big brother. It is easy to move and it takes up little place. It is also easy to transport, as the oven can be disassembled to pieces, so it can even fit in the truck of a normal car and can be taken to a friendly weekend cookout.

We can also add unique logos to this oven and accommodate other further special needs you may have for your dream BBQ oven.


Insulated grills – The strength within the metal


Compared to the coal fired offset smoker, there is no temperature fluctuations at all with the ATOM. This is one of the best ovens in the market in terms of keeping an even temperature and being effective and budget-friendly.

With only 3 kg of charcoal and wood pieces for smoke, it can operate for up to 10-12 hours, ready for cooking.

The temperatures on the upper and lower are of the oven are the same.

We recommend this oven for restaurants where there is no capacity for a person to check on the oven in every 40 minutes, and for those who do several catering events.

The oven can be inserted into kitchens, its usage doesn’t come with big smoke, so can perfectly be used under the extractor hood, and the ATOM is also one of the best competition BBQ ovens.

It is easy to move and clean.

GN1/1 compatible.