How can we make charcoal and briquettes glow?

After obtaining the right charcoal or briquette the last step before grilling is the ignition. We show three methods for this.

1. With ignition blocks, you need 3-5 ones to put light and put them in between the charcoal. When the blocks will glow, the ember will spread to the charcoal. You might reduce the needed time by fanning. Time will be approximately 20 minutes.

2. With ignition chimney, place 3-5 blocks onto a safe, non-flammable surface (for example: concrete, ground, pavement) ignite them, and place the charcoal filled ignition chimney on the top of it. (0,6 kgs when used with Hibachi).

The charcoal can be put into the Hibachi when the charcoal starts to produce smoke and glow. Time will be approximately 15 minutes.

3. Heat gun, requires an electricity source. Place the coal into the Hibachi and direct the flow of the heat gun to it. Angle it towards one spot, when the pieces of charcoal starts to glow place the heat gun 10 centimeters further, to continue the ignition.

The time required is approximately 5 minutes.

Talking about ignition, you should never ever use fire starter fluid as it is a chemical you don’t want to consume.