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About Us

My name is Zsolt Horváth – kicsiZso, chef, BBQ and grill fanatic.

I feel lucky because I do what I love in my work and in my free time. These are gastronomy and hospitality. In the kitchen, I prepare traditional and rethought dishes, and I also enjoy cooking outdoors both grill and BBQ style.

My friend, Ferenc Aleksza – who puts my ideas into metal – helps me a lot, so I can cook on our grill and BBQ ovens built by him.  We made our first ovens for our own pleasure, which quickly made us and people around us obsessed with smoke.  

Later we expanded out portfolio, besides offset ovens we started building robust table grills and isolated smokers.

Besides all of the above, I run KicsiZso, a breakfast and coffee place with my wife. 

Furthermore, for special requests, I am happy to do the catering for given events.

My mission is to make people happier with the food I prepare.



Why did I chose Hibachi? I wanted to bring the magical taste and smell of outdoor fire into more dishes. I have found a perfect solution for kitchen grilling in Hibachi. it requires a small space, it’s easy to keep clean, made of stainless steel, perfect from every perspective.

Zoltan Pauli - Chef - Palkonyha

Palkonya, HU (Hibachi Goliat)

We have been using the BodrogSmoker Hibachi for many months now. The most important is use-case for us is when we are with friends, we just place it in the middle of the table and while we are talking everyone can cook whatever they want to. Previously someone, the “chef”, was a bit isolated thus left out from all the fun. This changed by now. We made steak with a full fire basket and vegetables with just a few pieces of briquette, it works well for several hours without worrying it might cause any damages in the table, as thanks to its construction, no heat can be felt from outside. We use it least once a week.

Andi and János, grill és BBQ lovers

Tinnye, HU (Hibachi Inox Plus)

Positive: extremely super, I love it. We use Bodrog Hibachi for almost every week’s menu, tested with a variety of briquettes, the crew in the kitchen loves it and guests usually come to admire it in the kitchen 🙂 Negative: Nothing 😅 it is great, that’s all 😎🔥🤘

Richárd Farkas - Chef - Pajta étterem

Őriszentpéter, HU (Hibachi Inox Plus)

The Bodrog Smoker Junior is a versatile machinery! It’s especially economical. Setting the temperature might require a little practice, but it keeps heat well. I usually use beech for cooking, as I learnt it from the master… ;). During winter time, I use it for smoking, I’ve made cheese and sausage too. The grill overlay is a useful, though I prefer the traditional metal grid.

Zoltán Lochmann - Helit Kft

Budapest, HU (Bodrog Smoker Junior)

The hibachi takes up little place which is very important to me because we don;’t have a large balcony or backyard. It is great for two when we want something fresh and smokey. It is easy to light up, so it only takes minutes to start cooking. It has a modern, trendy look, I recommend it to every household!

Aida Zavodszki, grill és BBQ lover

Germany (Hibachi Inox)

I recently received and started using a Bodrog Hibachi, with our own logo on it. I love it! It is compact, very economical to operate. It’s eye-catching, our guests love using it so it is a great marketing piece as well. Great for restaurants to offer something new to their guests.

Bence Nagy - Debrecz'N BBQ

Debrecen (Hibachi Inox)

I love our little ATOM! Cooking is very easy, since it is so well isolated that the temperature is well-balanced for preparing anything. If I fill it up with charcoal in the beginning, I don’t have to touch it for 10-12 hours. Many of my BBQ friends tried it and were amazed how well it holds the temperature. I often use cold smoke to prepare trout, duck breast, but I have of course prepared chicken legs and wings, ribs, bacon, pulled pork, I smoked ratatouille, vegetables and so on. An imporant advantage is its shape and size, it can be easily built into a professional kitchen layout under the kitchen hood. Its weight is around 200 kgs, which is brutal, but you can see that this item has the material needed for the job.

Tamás Bárczi - LEVES gastro shop

Miskolc (Bodrog Smoker Atom)