Marrow-bone cooked with smoke, the recipe that never gets old

The marrow-bone is non other than the shank bone of the cow, which is cut lengthwise by the butcher, this way the smoke can really penetrate the marrow.

Prepare the bones, dip both ends in salt, so the marrow will stay in the bone during cooking.

Meanwhile, preheat our charcoal smoker up to 90 degrees Celsius. In case of a charcoal smoker, use smoke wood for cooking.

Cook the bones for 50 minutes on 90 degrees Celsius. Plate it with a side of bread and some pickled vegetables. The acidic nature of them will mellow the fatty flavors of the marrow. I usually prepare a sour salsa, that consists of fermented dill pickles, pickled pearl onions and mild, yellow peppers. I blend these together in a food processor and put this mixture right on top of the bones.