Grills – A new dimension of grilling

Hibachi means table coal grill oven. In Japan, there are places specialised on hibachi, where chefs prepare dishes in front of the guests, or somtimes where guests can make their own meals on a grill.

Both method gives a special experience to people. We would like to share this experience with you, so that you will not only be able to eat these grill dishes at Japanese restaurants, but also at home in your own kitchen, in the garden or wherever in the world regardless of weather and place.

What can this charcoal grill do?

    • Small and lightweight, so you can bring it anywhere.
    • Inox, stainless steel, so it stands the test of time, no rust but still easy to clean.
    • Safe, because it is made with an inner heat pocket, therefore it projects less heat outside
    • Economical, as it can hold a suitable temperature for grilling for 1,5 hours with only 0.5 kg (a bit more than a pound) of charcoal
    • As it packs flat, you can conquer any borders, and you can even bring it with you in your carry-on luggage to your holidays.
    • Easy to assemble
    • Versatile: you can prepare a wide range of yummy dishes on it

The first versions have already been tested by the guests of our restaurant during Hibachi dinners. The flat-pack version was taken to Sicily, Croatia, Slovenia and Switzerland. We tested over and over and took what we learned to create the current version of the grill.

The robust versions are loved and used by restaurants and at festivals. Thanks to laser cutting technology, even the most complex and detailed logo can be added for our partners.


Is the balcony or the garden too small? Or you would just like to widen the variety of  dishes during a trip? We can easily take this grill oven with ourselves in disassembled or even assembled form. Thanks to its acid resistance, it resists damages caused by usage and weather.



Assembly free, space-saver, in the size of a usual toaster, Hibachi Inox Plus can easily be used on the balcony or in the kitchen under the extractor hood*. It is perfect for smaller restaurants and festival booths.

*only use it under the extractor hood, when we have already fired it up outside and the charcoal is glowing. Be careful, especially while cooking of fatter piece of meat, flames might erupt from the oven so that the generated smoke might be increased.



We recommend Hibachi Goliat for high operational usage. It is easy to insert into a professional kitchen thanks to its size without any kitchen remodeling. It can be used under the extractor hood, so that restaurant supply could be expanded, the taste and experience can be enhanced. Ideal for finishing Sous Vide meats. It provides an elegant look during events and we can even put your own logo on it, as seen under References.